World Tourism Day 27 Sept 2014

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The competitiveness of the tourism sector is hampered by a failure to develop programmes to deal systematically with skills gaps. Scarce skills in the tourism sector include high skills such as technical management, information and knowledge management, product knowledge, language and communication. However alongside these gaps, there remains a massive void of staff able to offer the most basic of hospitality and tourism skills.

This helped to spark an interest in Project Enza to seek out what perhaps we can do in our corner to serve our people, most importantly the future pioneers of this industry. It has always been our aim and passion to see the tourism sector in our country becoming a successful one from which almost all sectors of our society can benefit. It was because of this passion for tourism that we then decided we can make a difference and dedicate annually World Tourism Day to exposing the learners studying Tourism & Hospitality at Basic Education level to the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Furthermore the industry and companies within it will be doing their bit in orientating the learners and exposing them to their hotels for World Tourism Day.

The growth and outlook for domestic travel and tourism is optimistic. Currently domestic tourism contributes R1.1 billion towards South Africa’s GDP. Total tourist spend went up from R9.2 billion in 2011 to an estimated R10.2 billion in 2012 due to an increase in average spending per trip from R870 compared to R690 in 2011.

“Service excellence and the affordability of travel and accommodation packages will go a long way to urging South Africans to travel and explore the country whilst fostering a culture of travel. I encourage all stakeholders within the sector to pull together in order to drive domestic tourism”once said by former Minister of Tourism van Schalkwyk.

The province has released its KZN VISION 2030, has for some time now been advocating the involvement of grass roots individuals in this sector. This will help learners realise opportunities early on in their lives and will help ensure that there is a constant supply of motivated people who look for employment and/or creating employment in this sector. By exposing the youth to all relevant industry players and organisations and key government departments and officials, this opens up the youth to a world of opportunities. This we do under the banner KNOWING AND GROWING OUR TOURISM.

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