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What people think of The World of Giving | Project Enza

It’s so refreshing to see an organisation actually take part in the practical aspect of teaching students in the Hospitality industry, as well as the theoretical aspect. This gives the learners a much better understanding of the environment they wish to work in the future. Thank you Project Enza for doing this.

We would like to thank you for making our schools a part of Project Enza at the ICC on the 18th of July 2014. Sbongile Nzama. Letter of appreciation- Madiba Day

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Giving – Project Enza

The Project Enza team is really passionate about reaching out to those less fortunate and in need for any assistance within our reach. We have identified a few schools around KZN that we can have a meaningful contribution to, whether it be imparting skills and knowledge, to even giving tangible goods, equipment, magazines, newspapers , books and food.

This project, as the name suggests (Enza means “to do”), is all about doing all we can to benefit those around us who do not have the power to do so for themselves. This is an initiative that, instead of paying lip-service to our ever growing problem of unemployment and lack of skills development, ensures that corporate companies are doing their bit to curb the lack of skills development with Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.

We have been inspired by the industry that we have been part of TOURISM HOSPITALITY, as it is that which we do daily ensuring that our guests and clients are looked after for that we wanted to go the extra mile and look after others beyond our work space. Project Enza is the driving force behind so much good that can be done and new opportunities given, so let the Giving begin and lets DO!

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